Japan Embraces Crypto | Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Keynote and Binance’s Expansion

In a significant move towards embracing the crypto revolution, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has reaffirmed Japan’s commitment to fostering the Web3 industry, recognizing its transformative potential for the internet and society at large. His keynote address at the WebX conference in Tokyo on 25th July served as a testament to Japan’s growing interest in the crypto space, with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao simultaneously announcing the launch of their services on a new Japanese platform in August 2023. This article explores the keynote of Japan’s PM Fumio Kishida, how Japan is embracing crypto by providing proper regulatory guidelines and the opportunities it presents for the global Web3 sector.

Japan’s Vision for a Thriving Web3 Industry

In his keynote address, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida emphasized Japan’s dedication to nurturing the Web3 industry, acknowledging its role as a catalyst for innovation across various sectors and its potential to drive positive social change. He spoke passionately about the need for the Web3 industry to regain attention and vitality, fostering an environment where novel projects can flourish. This welcoming attitude reflects Japan’s commitment to becoming a hub for Web3 technologies and initiatives.

In a direct quote from Prime Minister Fumio Kishida :

“I hope that the Web3 industry will regain its attention and vitality, and that various new projects will be born.”

Web3 Driving Growth and Social Solutions

Prime Minister Kishida hailed the Web3 movement as a potential catalyst for economic growth, especially in addressing pressing social issues. By leveraging the principles of decentralization and blockchain technology, Web3 has the power to tackle societal challenges, leading to a more inclusive and equitable future. Japan’s recognition of this potential signals a transformative era for the nation’s economy and society.

Japan’s Regulatory Framework for Web3

Koichi Hagiuda, Chairman of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s Policy Research Council, highlighted Japan’s commitment to establishing a robust regulatory framework for the Web3 industry. This framework aims to protect investors while promoting further growth in the sector. Initiatives like the “Start Next Innovator” project, sponsored by Japan’s Economy, Trade, and Industry Ministry, demonstrate the nation’s commitment to fostering homegrown Web3 businesses and startups.

Japan’s Tax Legislation for Token Issuers

In Dec 2022, the Japanese national tax agency revised legislation that exempts token issuers from paying corporate taxes on unrealized cryptocurrency gains. This progressive move aims to encourage innovation and investment in the crypto sector, positioning Japan as a favorable destination for blockchain-based startups and projects.

The Rise of Web3, DAOs, and NFTs in Japan

As Japan embraces the crypto industry, it also witnesses a surge in the adoption of Web3 technologies, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The Consensus Magazine’s report in January 2023 highlighted Japan’s proactive approach to integrating these technologies into various sectors (Coindesk, 2023). With Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s backing, these advancements are poised to revolutionize industries ranging from art and entertainment to supply chain management and governance.

Binance’s to re-enter into Japan’s Crypto Market

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, confirmed its plans to extend its services to Japanese crypto users starting from August. The acquisition of Sakura Exchange Bitcoin (SEBC) in November 2022 paved the way for Binance’s re-entry into the Japanese market. This development is a significant step towards strengthening Japan’s crypto ecosystem and reflects the nation’s growing interest in adopting digital currencies and blockchain technologies.

Asia’s Growing Interest in Web3

EOS Foundation CEO Yves La Rose observed Kishida’s speech with enthusiasm, noting that Japan’s positive stance towards Web3 is indicative of a broader welcoming trend towards crypto in Asia. As Japan takes a leading role in embracing the new form of capitalism represented by Web3, it paves the way for other Asian nations to explore similar avenues for growth and development. While countries like USA are forcing a ban on crypto, Asia’s acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency can make Asia a crypto hub.


With Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s resolute commitment to the Web3 industry, the forthcoming expansion of Binance’s services in Japan, and the nation’s progressive regulatory measures, Japan’s embrace of crypto sets a precedent for other countries worldwide. Japan’s vision for a thriving Web3 ecosystem, supported by robust regulatory measures and forward-thinking tax policies, offers optimism for a brighter, inclusive, and technologically advanced future. As Japan leads the way in embracing crypto, the global Web3 sector gains a new ally and a potential trailblazer in revolutionizing the internet and sparking positive social change worldwide.

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